Our trusted Third party appraiser

Our trusted Third party appraiser

Steven A. Knight,

registered master valuer, accredited appraiser

A highly respected member of the jewellery industry who has been actively involved in the jewellery business since 1978 and is currently a full time appraiser of gems and jewellery as well as running The Jewellery Judge®.  Steven has worked in retail, wholesale and manufacturing facets of the jewellery industry.  Steve was the first person in Canada to obtain the Coloured Stone Grading degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).  He has been instrumental in developing the concept of computer-aided jewellery appraisals.  He has brought new ideas and concepts to an industry steeped in tradition.  Steven conceived the original concept for computer assisted appraisals which developed into the Jewellery Judge Appraisal Program®.  In 1998 Steven received his Registered Master Valuer and in 2000 his Accredited Appraiser CJA-CAP.

For more information on Jewellery Judge check out his website at http://jewelleryjudge.ca/about/

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